Portable bird watching telescope CQ-MH-04

Nikula 10-30×25 Pocket Mini Hd Zoom Monocular Manufacturer



                                     Unit dimension:                                           32 x (118-182) mm
                                      Angle of view:                                           3.5° at 10x , 2.0° at 30x
                                     Prism categories:                                            BK4
                                      Useage:                                           Outdoor activities
                                     Objective diameter:                                            25mm
                                      Foldable size:                                           12.7×3.2×3.2cm
                                      Unfold size:                                           20×3.2×3.2cm
                                      weight:                                           170g
                                      Packing details:


Portable bird watching telescopePortable bird watching telescope Portable bird watching telescope TELESCOPE bird watching telescope

CQ-MINGHAO-TELESCOPE-M04-1- CQ-MINGHAO-TELESCOPE-M04-1- Portable bird watching telescope CQ-MINGHAO-TELESCOPE-M04-1-CQ-MINGHAO-TELESCOPE-M04-1- Portable bird watching telescope



Q:Can you print our logos on the product?
A:Yes. Customized logos can be printed on the product according to your requirements.

Q: How can I go to visit your factory?
A: Our factory is located in Chengdu city, Sichuan province, China. You can get in touch with us to make an appointment to visit our factory. Then we will arrange the pickup service.

Our city is famous of Giant panda and delicious spicy food. You are always welcome to visit our charming city.

Q: Has your product been certified?
A:Yes.Our product has passed the engineering tests.

Q:How long is the warranty period?
A: Guarantee one year.

During the warranty period, we shall repair or replace the damaged part accordingly because of any damage due to quality problem. Not including man-made damage or accident damage.


Q: What about your MOQ – minimum order quantity ?
A: Our MOQ is 1 piece, if you need more, please contact us and we will provide you with a discount.

Q: Can you develop products with our drawing?
A: Yes, please offer your drawing with technical requirements.

Q: What’s your available port of Shipment?
A: We usually export through Chengdu port, Huangpu port, Shenzhen port, Tianjing port, due to destination country.

Q: Is that factory price?

A: Although our price is not factory price. Because our large export amount and long term cooperation. Our price even better than factory price.

Q: How long can I receive the item once it’s ordered?

A: In general, the whole shipping time may require 1-3 weeks to most countries.

If the purchase quantity is relatively large.
For the specific delivery time, please feel free to consult with our sales team.


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